How to access blocked websites or blogs

If you would like to open a blog , in all probability, you will get a connection timed out response.The reason behind this is that blogspot domain is blocked.
So what to do????????
1.) type ,
2.) , OR
3.) you can go to a url rediretion site such as etc.(it might be possible that the common proxies are already blocked such as anonymizer) and just enter the name of the site that you want to open.
These sites are not common, so if you are lucky you might be able to open them.

Many of you must be orkut fans
But now days collegess,companies etc. have started blocking such social sites
(In our college cyberoam software restricts access to orkut)

But here lies the trick, you can use the IP address of the website instead.
How to determine the IP address , very simple, go to shell (command prompt for windows)
and type ping
This will give you the IP address of the site.
So use instead of in your browser
If orkut opens , then congrats else it seems that blocking software is smart enough
A further trick is to use decimal representation of the IP address
so instead of you can type http://1208930645
You can easily convert an IP address(octet notation) into decimal notation by visiting

But I was unable to open by method #1 and method #2
A message “Sorry, this is a banned blog!” comes instead
So I opened using, thank god it opened atlast.
But the problem with visiting url redirecting sites is that they make the surfing experience very slow.
So I decided to subscribe to via Google Reader
You can uses your gmail account to subscribe.
If anyone has any better idea then plz tell me.



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