After reading tons of blogs , I was influenced to have my own space on the internet.
So here I am.
I am a carefree person , having no regard/disregard for what people do/think or whatever..
Whatever I do , I do it in binary format, either I do it completely or I leave it.
This is the last semester(hurdle) after which I will be awarded a B.Tech in CSE degree from NIT Rourkela.
I am a strong believer of “Learning by doing” ,and I just hate to cram things up and spew them out during exams.
I love to surf the INTERNET OCEAN.
So why I read blogs, coz I like to know those hidden secrets that were hitherto concealed in the minds of those brilliant people(intelligent,geeks,photographers ,programmers, and the list goes on and on). Another reason I would like to cite is that blogs teach you about life/society/computers/… in a way that is totally new to you.You get to appreciate/criticize others’ perspective , their ways of doing things.
As a matter of fact, I end up spending atleast 5-6 hrs daily on the internet.
Besides it, I love to watch cricket (but only when Sachin is batting).
Bye the way I am into TT as well.

Oh ,by the way I forgot to tell you about the latest fad in the town, LINUX.
I started using Linux as my primary OS , since my Windows XP refused to connect to internet due to lack of drivers or whatever(I don’t know and even care and thank god that he gave me a reason to migrate).
So I called my friend Anant Aneja and he did some ifconfig stuff on my mandrake linux and , voila, I am seeing for the first time on my desktop.
I can still remember my ecstasy,as after days of frustration, I could surf and that too on my own comp.Well ,that I think was a blessing in disguise, as I am not scared of LINUX anymore.
As a matter of fact, a few weeks back I used to download and install a new linux everyday.But now I have slowed down a bit.

Now mid semesters starting from 22nd feb, I think I should start preparing 3 days in advance.

Aman Jain


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